During the past months I have been working behind the scenes to try new things out and reflect on my work.

Although environmental concerns were already on top of my list, I felt there were changes I could make to do a bit more for the planet, trying to further reduce my footprint and the footprint of my products.

Going through my stash of yarns at home I realised that I have lots of yarns of all sorts and colours, bought over the years, left over in small, even tiny quantities from old projects, or given to me by friends and family, because I have always thought that everything is worth keeping and sooner or later I would do something with it… Some of them are to all effects actual vintage yarns!

I decided the time had come to put these to good use and I started to think of new designs that could allow me to incorporate the old left over yarns with my lovely undyed Shetland wool that is the trademark of my Maribru pieces.

All my yarns are in natural fibres, only a few of them contain very small percentages of man-made.

I decided that accessories were more suitable when working with small quantities of material. And my new creations will mostly be one off, unique pieces. I will try and combine the yarns in different ways every time, for me to have more fun and for you to get something that no one else will have. In any case there might not even be enough yarn to make the same item again!

And because I love jewellery, I thought I would try my hand at it… using the materials that I usually work with. So this is my go at textile necklaces.

I am proud of the fact that I haven’t bought any new materials and that no new resources have been used to produce my new items! Apart from my time and passion, of course.

So this is the start of my new range of woollen scarves, hats and necklaces I am very excited about, and I hope you will be too. I will continue to make a few of my old designs in Shetland organic undyed, but my range will be reduced so I can have more time for the new ones. I will add new creations as I go along, watch this space!

Please tell me what you think of my new efforts, I need your feedback!