Why organic, undyed Shetland wool?

The yarns I use come from a certified organic farm on the Shetlands, this means the sheep and the land they graze on are treated with respect.

The Shetland sheep come in a variety of beautiful natural colours. Their wool is soft but firm at the same time, so your knitted garment will keep its shape over time and it won’t pill as easily as other luxury yarns like cashmere or merino. Although it does not feel as soft to the touch as these yarns, it is as gentle on your skin and doesn’t irritate (unless obviously you are particularly sensitive to wool in general). It is also very¬† lightweight, so my jumpers feel quite light on the body but will keep you warm and cosy.

I have made the decision to use undyed yarns¬† because I think their colours are naturally beautiful and there is no need to do anything to them. This is also more environmentally friendly because any kind of dyeing, even if it’s very natural, requires the use of further resources, especially water. These colours will go well with other natural and muted colours but will also look stunning if you pair them with bright colours from your wardrobe for a contrasting effect.